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A non-invasive exfoliating skincare treatment

Dermaplaning gives tired looking skin new life, leaving you feeling confident and radiant!

Natural. Non-invasive. No downtime.

Dermaplaning gives yourself the boost you need to improve your skin's appearance and texture naturally.

Professional medical aestheticians use a surgical scalpel to delicately remove the top layer of skin and any undesirable vellus hair on the face, preparing it for further treatments. Dermaplaning prepares the skin to absorb greater amounts of serums, peeling agents and treatment masks to suit your specific needs. This can be a stand alone service, added to a Clinical facial or pair it with one of our signature peels.

What are the Benefits of Dermaplaning?

It’s different from dermabrasion, where a high-speed, rotating brush is used to exfoliate the skin. With dermaplaning, a scalpel or a tool called a dermatome is used and the doctor or aesthetician moves the dermatome, which looks like an electric razor, back and forth to scrape off the top layer of dead skin. Benefits include:

  • Rejuvenated Skin
  • May Soften Fine Lines and Wrinkles
  • No More Peach Fuzz
  • Cosmetics Will Go on Easily
  • Cleaner, Smaller Pores
  • Help for Acne Sufferers
  • Gentle and Relaxing

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