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Face Waxing

Face Waxing

Because smooth skin is always in

One of the most popular form of hair removal for men and women because it removes hair from the root leaving you smooth and soft for a longer length of time.

Natural. Non-invasive. No downtime.

Easily achieve smoothness without worrying about skin irritation or regrowth any time soon.

Face waxing is a popular form of hair removal for men and women because of its removal of hair from the root. Wax is applied to skin and swiftly removed in the opposite direction of hair growth. The best part? The roots of the hair go along with it!

Face waxing is a safe, effective way to remove unwanted facial hair without the need for lasers. Our experienced aestheticians are trained to provide quick and easy services, such as shaping brows, defuzzing lips, chin, and cheeks and removing sideburns. Face waxing should not painfully irritate your skin when applied properly, and it can help reduce the overall thickness of regrowth over time! Depending on the individual’s hair growth cycle and type of wax used, it typically lasts anywhere from one to several weeks. It also acts an absolute excellent exfoliator, and it can be less irritating than epilation’s and creams and is often much more convenient than shaving as it pulls out unwanted hair by its roots.

*Waxing is limited to facial areas in our medical spa.

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