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Isdinceutics Melaclear Advanced


Helps fight hyperpigmentation and limits the appearence of new spots.

4-BUTYLRESORCINOL Decreases melanin production and hyperpigmentation. SALICYLIC, MANDELIC & PHYTIC ACIDS AND GLUCONOLACTONE E‑ective combination of ingredients that promote cellular renewal and exfoliate skin for improved texture and tone. DIPOTASSIUM GLYCYRRHIZATE A licorice root extract that helps to calm & soothe while preserving hyaluronic acid levels in the skin.

Improvements seen in as early as 2 weeks with progressive dramatic results after 12 weeks.1 In 14 days, Melaclear Advanced rapidly reduces the appearance of dark spots for a more even, brighter complexion. Sustained results and maintained benefits beyond 12 weeks for long-lasting luminous skin. Well tolerated for long term use.1 Non-Hydroquinone. Non-retinoid. Non-comedogenic. Reduces uneven pigmentation and redness while providing hydration.

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